Though each of us is sin-ridden and lost, God provides a way back to righteousness. God doesn’t condone our sin, nor does he compromise his standard. He doesn’t ignore our rebellion, nor does he relax his demands. Rather than dismiss our sin, he assumes our sin and, incredibly, sentences himself. God’s holiness is honored. Our sin is punished. And we are redeemed. This is God’s great grace. God is still God.

Join us in this seven-week study through the Book of Romans as we ponder the incomparable, indescribable achievement of God that reaches every human soul. 

Study Tools

The spiritual practice of studying God‘s Word enables us to uncover the riches of truth and wisdom found in Scripture. We pray you discover ways to redeem your time with these life-giving activities that fill you with peace, joy, and gratitude. Consider engaging with this study personally, at home, in small groups, and during the weekend worship experience. 

Begin your week of study with worship and teaching. Stream or watch past sermons online:

Use your Bible and the weekly study sheets to engage in spiritual practices that help us hear from God. Download the full 7 week Study Sheet PDF for God's Great Grace HERE.

Read through the Book of Romans in 7 weeks! We encourage you to read a couple chapters ahead of the teaching to gain better context and understanding during your study. Follow along with the reading plan on the weekly study sheets. (Use link above). 

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